iMCards brings flash cards to the iPhone and iPod touch. And with iMCardsPC is a free program to create and manage lessons for the iPhone on the PC. 

iMCardsPC comes with major features to create and manage your flash cards easy and fast. For the case you want to learn also on PC and synchronize the lessons with the iPhone please have a look at PrismaCards. It comes with enhanced features; but unfortunately it is not for free.

Information for Mac-User 

PrismaCards is only available for Windows-PCs. On Mac we have currently no solution to create flash cards for the iPhone. We are very sorry, the planed solution for Mac will be postboned for an indefinite time.


•  create lessons for iMCards on any PC 

•  export of lessons to the iPhone

•  import of txt and csv files

•  full Unicode support, applicable even for exotic languages

•  restore Backups from the iPhone

•  easy to use

•  runs also from USB-Sticks

•  iMCardsPC is FREE


iMCardsPC  1.0.1      7.0 MB

iMCardsPC  Manual

iMCardsPC  Pictures Manual