PrismaCards is a vocabulary trainer based on the flash cards principle. Flashcards are scientifically proven to be one of the best ways to learn. PrismaCards lets you choose between the classic flash card system and an improved system developed by the psychologist Dr. Sebastian Leitner.


• supports the classic flash card system and the Leitner system 

• integrated word processor for the creation of your own flash card databases 

• four different ways to learn 

• learning in Full-Screen mode without disturbing background 

• phonetic transcriptions and voice response 

• flash cards with pictures and embedded documents (PDF, xls, avi, ...) 

• management for flash cards 

• learn with an integrated adjustable timer 

• applicable also for Chinese, Arabic, ... 

• additional databases for different languages are available 

• export for iMCards

• free updates

 PrismaCards - Download

The shareware version of PrismaCards is full functional. Only the lessons are limited to 20 flash cards.

PrismaCards  3.33      11.3 MB

PrismaCards  Manual